Knight Templar - KT 22
Knight Templar - KT 22
Knight Templar - KT 22
Knight Templar -KT 22

Knight Templar -KT 22

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KT 22 Knight Templar Sword with a Chain

Due to circumstances beyond our control we will no longer be putting the “gold fill” in the sword blades and name. It has become cost prohibitive, we have decided to keep the swords prices the same and leave out the fill.

Scabbard and Mounts included.

Top Mount 11
Middle Mount 10
Toe 8

Etching of name on blade can only be 19 Character long including spaces.

 Swords are made to be used for Ceremonial or Decorative purposes only.


All new Swords come with a Cloth Sword Cover.

Initials on grip in machine engraved.

Name on blade acid etched.

What length blade: examples:
26" (5' to 5'6")
28" (5'7" to 5'10")
30" (5'11" to 6")
32" ( 6'1" and taller)

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