Our Sword Department is separate from our other manufacturing department with varying delivery times. Swords ordered with other items will be on a separate order with a different delivery date. Please pay close attention to the Delivery date when you receive your order confirmation.

Due to circumstances beyond our control we will no longer be putting the “gold fill” in the sword blades and name. It has become cost prohibitive, we have decided to keep the swords prices the same and leave out the fill.

The sword brings a unique feeling of strength and chivalry. Handed down through the ages, romantic legends tell of its mystical powers for right and might.

Today it provides a symbol of rank and authority. It has been traditionally used by the military and fraternal organizations. However, it is becoming accepted as a superb presentation gift for academic and business achievement. No other possession can be personalized and handed down from generation to generation.

The ancient craft of sword making is alive and well in the United States. The United States Sword Company has recreated the original impeccable artwork and finish of years gone by. All blades with etching are done using acid.  All blades are nickel plated diamond steel. The owner's name can be etched or engraved on the blade. The grips can have the owner's initials machine engraved. Two finishes are offered : Nickel Finish for Sir Knight or Gold Finish for Commander. Most grips have the wreath on the front of the grip to allow for initials, while the back has the cross. Swords that come with plain grips are shown or different printing on the grips are noted as such.

Be sure to specify height as blades are available in lengths of 26", 28", 30", & 32", lengths are assigned according to the height given when ordered.

New London Regalia, Inc. and US Sword Company have a reputation for quality work on their new sword as well as sword refurbishing. Recently we have received many requests for acid etching names on the blades of newer, what we consider “practice swords”. These are not made of quality materials, we run the risk of damage when etching them. Since they do not meet our high quality standards, we have chosen to decline doing work on these particular items as we do not want the responsibility of damage to them. We would suggest if you would like a name on the blade that you take them to an engraver.