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Knight Templar

  • $290.00 Knight Templar Chapeau - Standard
    KT 300 - Chapeau standard style.  The first chapeau picture is with a standard 8 x 4 ply plume, the second picture is with a 9 x 8 ply plume, the third picture is a 9 x 12 ply plume and a 8 x 4 ply plume and the fourth picture is a side view of...

  • $310.00 Knight Templar Chapeau - Flat Body
    KT 325 - New York and Iowa Regulation Flat Body style Chapeau. Shown in picture: 9" 8-ply top white plume, bullion vine & berry slashings & rosette RB9.  Rosette's are sold separately. FLAT BODY Chapeau's are for New York and Iowa r...